What does Faab mean?

Akhtar Kasia - Our founder
“ Faab = Initial of owners Family members name starting from youngest to oldest member. “

- Akhtar Kasia, Our Founder

In his own words, Akhtar says "I have always been entrepreneurial. I bought and sold electronic items. I dealt with currency and at age of 16 I had enough money to buy a house in India. In 1997 a chance encounter with my old friend in India changed my life. In 1997 Faab was conceived."

What does Faab do

Faab has been actively involved in helping local businesses in Yorkshire. Whether it be as an advisor or to get companies trading on Internet.

Faab has been at the forefront of change. Embracing technology at every single level. We opened our outsource office in India in 2006.

Today Faab group of companies deals with 100's of companies ranging from Design Agencies, Freelancers, SME's and local businesses.

What do Faab do

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Inspiring & Motivating generation

Faab has been helping various Small Businesses including social enterprise in various countries. We inspire people from hard to reach and marginalised backgrounds to become successful. We help people and businesses embrace technology.

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Do it many times over and over

At Faab we are just not focused at creating a BIG Idea. But we are focusing in building a viable business by using our knowledge, skills and expertise.

Faab vision is to create an enterprising and entrepreneurial society where nothing holds people back from becoming successful and achieving something out of life.

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Don't think out of the box. Think there is no box.

Most people we meet have very high expectations. As highly driven as you might be to launch the next Kindle, Iphone or Facebook, the process of identifying a great idea can be intimidating. Slicing through this maze of clutter is of paramount importance. Many would-be entrepreneurs are solely focused on creating “The Next Big Thing” that they become paralyzed and can’t progress.

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Solve the Problem - Don't create one.

While some businesses may launch with an idea that’s revolutionary, Faab alongside many other globally-recognized entrepreneurs achieve their success by simply identifying a solution to a problem. If you see Faab's portfolio that's what we do. We offer BETTER solution to a problem. It might not sound as glamorous and might not bring you same amount of money that Summly owner received from yahoo. But a viable solution to a common obstacle provides you with an instant targeted audience.

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